It’s amazing to me how little it takes to totally set me off kilter — to knock my equilibrium off balance.   And then everything seems out of control.   Too much on the plate. … Continue reading

Rolling like a river.

I’ll never be able to know for certain which bacon from which stall she always bought at Findley Market.   I can guess.   But it’ll be along time before I can ask – and… Continue reading


it’s amazing what a change in posture does not only for the body but for the soul … "your love is teaching me how to kneel…"  – U2 freeing.   

Just Across the River.

so here I am in Cincinnati.   a quick break from life and work in Nashville. But actually Cincinnati is just across the river.   I’m staying near the Cincinnait Airport which funnily enough is… Continue reading

A new hero.

May sorrows exist in this world, and one of the greatest is being unable to help those in pain. -Oromis  from Eldest hmmm I think of my parents.  I think of the Famine… Continue reading

The beauty of hibernation

You strengthen me more and more; You enfold and comfort me.  Psalm 71:21

Adventures in Hibernation Land

Adventures in Hibernation: So my brother’s birthday dinner. Still not sure if there was more pleasure in the actual wrapping of every tiny gift in that box of English treasures or in the… Continue reading


So I love winter.   I love the cold.    I don’t love to be cold.  I love to be snuggly warm.   I love scarfs, I love warm wooly, fleecey jumpers, I love gloves,… Continue reading


Lost days.  Lost post.   Ughhh. So yes … after receiving some gest for lackof blogging over the weekend… I wrote… I posted… and then I lost it.  the server went down.   And I… Continue reading

Finally SNOW!

so have you noticed that even on an overcast day, the world is brighter when it’s covered with blanket of snow. and on the subject of snow … what is it about snow… Continue reading

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