"I said to my soul, be still and wait… so the darkness shall be light, and the stillness dancing." -T.S. Eliot we’re about as good at waiting and patience as we are at… Continue reading

it does a body good.

not milk.  rest.  rest: it does a body good.    it should be on billboards everywhere. my dear little friend, Charly, was just reminding me of this.   rest.  Even God rested.  So who… Continue reading

a little bit more information

so just in case you’re wondering … Jason Upton (I googled him so I could know who I had quoted on my last post) is a musician.   http://www.jasonupton.net/com/


i was not created to know what i am doing, i was created to rest in who i am.jason upton my friend Ali posts the most poignant quotes on her blog – and… Continue reading


So apparently I have another reason to rest and lie down. I woke up feeling better- better enough to get up and go to work even (I know some of you are saying,… Continue reading

‘Tis the Season

So it’s cold season. And I have a cold.   a bad cold.  but that’s not surprising really given our crazy weather  and my crazy life.  I’m a walking medicine cabinet: On my stove… Continue reading

roller coaster rides and teeth grinding

Peace – we all want it.  No one really wants war or suffering.  The peace our hearts long for.  The peace our hearts were made for.   The peace we try for.   The peace… Continue reading

Postcards from England

What was good; what was lovely; what was comforting in England …  things I would have posted along the way. 1.   the brass band playing Christmas Carols in the supermarket as we shopped… Continue reading

sing with me

Today I still sing: Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Mummy. Happy Birthday to you.

I love my friends.

I really do.  I have a friend who’s a busybody; a couple who are freaks and scumbags; one who’s a prick; one who’s a sap; another who’s a borefest! (if you haven’t yet… Continue reading

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