More Postcards.

So this is fantastic — it’s my favorite time of day all day in Fairbanks.    The time of day where the light is soft and warm and gentle.  You can move through… Continue reading

God awake, again.

It’s 25 below today in Fairbanks — it’s fair to say that both God and I are awake again. 

Postcards from Alaska

God is Awake -Victor Hugo. At 13 below, it’s fair to say it’s cold.  Even the Alaskans – ok my friends who live here, says it’s cold.  But I’ve decided despite the fact… Continue reading

Postcards from Alaska

Eskimo Sally.    never complain to me about being cold if you live in the lower 48.    mush. mush.    Even the cold has its perks.    


And in addition to my last post — if you’ve never watched the Nooma short video (10 mins): Rain.  You got to – you can even watch it on line.   holding onto you… Continue reading

all i need

You know sometimes I have those moments when I get it.  I really get it.  not just in my head.  but in my heart.  my heart gets it.  Usually because in some way… Continue reading

Andrea’s book.

"Everything in the end will be ok. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end." hah! I love it.  and the disciple becomes the teacher.   I love my kids.   I learn so much… Continue reading

Piles of Nowt!

If Grandma was a fly on the wall today, I could hear her chucklin’ and shakin’ her head at me: pickin’ up; puttin’ down; making piles of nowt!    (you really got hear… Continue reading


So my friend Joey — loves trains!!!!  I mean, l-o-v-e-s- trains.  He likes to collect; build; visit; look at; study; learn and I’m assuming he also likes to ride on them.    And… Continue reading


Everybody needs a hero or two.   It’s All Saints Day today in the church.   The day we remember our heros.  The day we remember that life exists beyond what we can see with… Continue reading

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