So much for a nice afternoon drive amidst those great trees with my camera and my dog – it just started pouring …  oh well one of Dad’s favorite hymn keeps singing in… Continue reading

More on trees…

It is afterall the tree’s time of year… Be still my heart, these great trees are prayers.    – Tagore (apoet laureate from India)

It is finished.

The words are stuck in my head.  I was sick all day on Friday – And I might add I actually allowed myself to be sick and stayed in bed – don’t do… Continue reading

The Little Flower

"Fear makes me shrink, while under love’s sweet rule I not only advance… I fly." -Therese of Lisieux.  Preparing to fly. 

Dancing Man

Forget about Dancing Queen … I was almost home and I saw Dancing Man.  It was so surreal.  So surreal that it makes me wonder if perhaps he was an angel or if… Continue reading

I’m knitting.

  I’m knitting for numerous reasons I think. Everybody keeps asking me what I’m knitting and I’m not sure.  It changes daily.  But that’s not what is important.  What’s important is that I’m… Continue reading

I love trees.

Especially when they are the perfect shade of greenorangeredpink.    I am reminded of how beautiful this world is this time of year in Nashville, TN.  And today I added to the beauty… Continue reading


somedays life just seems dark and twisted and despite my faith in the goodness of life, the goodness in life, the goodnesss of the Giver of Life … I just seem to laugh… Continue reading

The Unecessary Losses of Life.

So it’s a title to a book.  Actually its correct title is "Necessary Losses." I’ve been thinking about this phrase for 24 hours now.   And I can’t decide if I like it.  If… Continue reading

A Lament

Buford…  was there any four legged female in the neighborhood that hadn’t been humped by Buford?  but for that matter Buford’s creativity in getting out during the "heat"ed season was almost admirable… the… Continue reading

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