Wear white. Buy red.

So today is the fourth GLOBAL White band day (hence, today is the day to wear white).   Across the world millions of people will show their support for the fight against poverty by… Continue reading

So it wasn’t just me.

So….it wasn’t just me Thursday night at the Fray. Scurrying about Friday, I got stuck in the Drive-thru line, at Walgreens. I was tapping my fingers, when my favorite little words start ringing… Continue reading

more Thursday night Therapy

This week, though, it was courtesy of The Fray (and Aqualung) – ok and Kristi who gave me the ticket as a birthday present (I love extended birthdays).    First off, all they… Continue reading

It’s Thursday …

and according to ABC — it’s "feel good" Thursday.  Hmmm.   This evening I’ll "feel good" at the Fray show.   Which actually means I’ll get to have a "feel good" Friday as well since… Continue reading

clearly the season is a changin’

so it started our a normal Thursday morning.  The to-do list for the day was running through my head – typical for a Thursday.   Bugs and I got in the car.   Backed out… Continue reading

not today.

I’m tired today.   I don’t want to think. I don’t want to contemplate.  I don’t want to work. Granted the weather change doesn’t really help the sinuses which doesn’t really help the tiredness. … Continue reading


Sunday we had our animal blessing.   Last Wednesday was the Feast Day of St. Francis.   Today I read perhaps my favorite words (and most understated) attributed to Francis.    "We have been called… Continue reading


So sorting through my email this morning at the office, Bugs dissappeared for a moment  to return with a surprise for me: an XL chocolate chip cookie still wrapped in plastic that more… Continue reading

The doc has spoken.

So in addendum to the Thursday night Therapy post … Christy, a.k.a. the doc (in Alaska – I know, how cool is that – she’s all that and a bag of chips), who… Continue reading

it’s the little things

So this afternoon I got a ticket to Fairbanks, AK for November. In Fairbanks I will sit in a hot tub, enjoy the snow, marvel at the northern lights and meet Kyle.  But… Continue reading

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