Messy Mornings

Some mornings I just need to be a mess.  Of course that being said, being a mess for me, still includes a dusted and hoovered home.    But some mornings I just need… Continue reading


So I have friends who look at Starbucks and see not much more than the epitomy of American production and consumerism.    This week I certainly did my fair bit to contribute to… Continue reading

Cause and Effect

So I was thinking this morning …  I’ve had to say a good handful of times this week: God does not maliciously, wrongfully cause his children to hurt.    God doesn’t make bad… Continue reading

Thursday Night Therapy

So tonight I had my hour long therapy session with ABC at 8pm.   Laugh if you will, but Grey’s Anatomy is certainly the far cheaper way to go.    So this evening we… Continue reading

a nuts a nut?

"In this vision he showed me a little thing, the size of a hazelnut, and it was round as a ball. I looked at it with the eye of my understanding and thought… Continue reading

Book Ends are Everywhere.

You know, now that I’ve been thinking about it … I’m blessed with some pretty good, solid book ends … on a variety of shelves …  so I find myself saying … thank… Continue reading

More book ends…

so I was thinking that book ends perhaps can also be more than people.   Sundays are a book end for me, especially maybe Selah  (   on Sunday Evening.   So perhaps things and places… Continue reading

Book Ends

I love book-ends.  They keep my books from toppling over.   They keep my books straight.  They do their part to help organize; they provide some boundaries; they hold my books together.   And they… Continue reading

What’s your business?

"So what’s your business", she said to me 10 years ago, as I was crafting letters and sending out resumes.   A little phrase; one sentence is all you need.   That’s where you start: … Continue reading


So someone tell me, is it normal to paint the front of the house while the inside is still a mess and gutted … while the sides have only drywalls… while the back… Continue reading

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