nuns and wildflowers


I was very amused by the covers of these two notebooks I found in Target… I almost laughed aloud at them side by side.

I love nuns.
I love monastic rules and rhythms.
I love being a free spirit.
I do like being single, it has its perks just as marriage does.

I thought about being a nun for a season. Actually I wanted a monk because I like the name better.

I concluded, though, that I would probably leave the sisters singing, “how do you solve a problem like a Sally… how do you catch a cloud and pin it down…”. So perhaps the nunnery wasn’t for me.

I do admit, as a free spirit, rhythm, rules and orders are actually very helpful. I just like to do them in my own way.

I suppose it’s “my own way” that allows these two images (these two parts of me) to not just coexist but thrive side by side in my living.

so for nuns, wild flowers and the spirit that ties them both together… I am amused today.

Amused and thankful.

via PicsArt Photo Studio