A Lament

Buford Buford… 

was there any four legged female in the neighborhood that hadn’t been humped by Buford?  but for that matter Buford’s creativity in getting out during the "heat"ed season was almost admirable… the blinds and screens were perhaps easy; but the hole in  basement door and in the fence, Buford was something else, determined to say the least.   The jump from the 12 foot window, had us all a bit worried at the lengths and schemes Buford could come up with during the day so he could makes the rounds. 

Buford found his way into my world under neath my brothers arms one Sunday evening (in lieu of a guitar I might add) accompanied by this great story of being rescued from the pound.   Of course my my brother knew that my bleeding heart wouldn’t turn this puppy away from our shared flat.   (Note: I just recently learned 8 years later, that Buford was actually purchased at a pet store in the mall and the pound story was part of the plan to win me over to another dog).   

Buford for all his jumping and pulling, was the first dog to sit and pray with me.  I would sit on my bed and he would hop up beside me and lay his head down until I was done.   In fact Beatrice learned from him, how to pray  along side me. 

I havent had much time to think the last day or so but today I remembered that our dogs really are family.  In fact I would hesitate to say that Buford and Beatrice were Matthew’s first family of his own.   And  today even with some family gone and some family added; today sitting on the couch playing with my neice, listening to Matthew strum and Brenda sing, there’s a big whole in the Chambers Family. 

And so I learn one more thing about death.  Death is death, four legs or two.  Someone’s missing.  Someone’s gone.  We face a hole in our life.  And it hurts.  Even with four legs, it hurts.    

Buford was put to sleep on Thursday afternoon, October 19th very suddenly because of a`cancerous tumor on his back.